CSR Links

CSR Links is set up with a vision to connect the NGOs and the corporates to bring about social change by working together in a symbiotic manner.

Companies are involved in wealth creation as this is their primary objective. But the wealth that is created is of no use, unless it is used to bring about positive changes in the lives of the people it touches. Companies, with the resources available to them, have the means to effect this positive change. When the companies embark on the mission to permanently improve the lives of the people around it, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is born. CSR is where companies voluntarily contribute towards a better society and a cleaner environment. This is also connected to the concept of sustainable development at the company´s level.

CSR Links aim to link together the corporate and the NGOs and which have a common goal of sustainable development, while improving the day to day life of the people of the community.

Recent Projects
  • Support Classes for English,Maths and Science.
  • Beneficial for :Children of Sangamner and Ratnagiri
    Reason : Sangamner and Ratnagiri
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  • LCD Projectors for E-Learning Classes
  • Beneficial for :Primary school children
    Reason : Khandala
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  • E-learning
  • Beneficial for :Rural children
    Reason : Pan India
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  • Vocational Training for Youth
  • Beneficial for :Young adults
    Reason : Satara
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Our Expertise
Services for Companies

CSR Links provides a wide range of services both for the Companies as well as NGOs. These services have been designed to be flexible

Services for NGO

NGOs are encouraged to empanel with us by first sending the basic details of the work. We will get in touch with you for a detailed analysis of your work